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  • klm2002
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 5 năm

    Hi there
    You are currently the winner as you produced the best design. However, there are lot of changes I would like to make. The following should be removed:
    1. phone number at top
    2. logo at the bottom
    3. email field in the bottom
    4. About us & Contact us buttons in the footer

    Make the following changes
    Start Now should be 'more'
    Latest nes should be replaced by Testimonials. display just one testimonial
    agile tester clients should be Our Clients
    For the little boxes below the banner, we should have in this order
    Functional testing
    Test automation
    Acceptance testing
    TDD & BDD testing
    Integration testing
    API & SOA testing

    Finally, I prefer website with banner & footer the same width as the body

    Make those changes and we take it from there.

    • cách đây 5 năm
  • marwamagdy
    • cách đây 5 năm

    hi can you feedback me to add your needs to layout

    • cách đây 5 năm