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Skill Combinations Visualisation - Bubble Chart

Hello, as I've read your requirements, here are some analysis: 1. Your database is quite large (~10,000 records), each record represents an individual having a list of skills. Each skill belongs to a specific skill category. It's best to find a way to visualize the data to understand the bigger picture 2. There will be 2 main steps to achieve our goal here. First is to aggregate the data to fit our need. Second is to use that aggregated data and visualize them using any good visualization library. 3. For the visualization, there are 3 factors/variables for each data point: skill, skill category and the number of people having that skill. We need to find a chart that supports to visualize 3 or more variables. With all that analysis, I suggest you to use the bubble chart to visualize your data. Based on your sample data, I have created a visualization. X axis values are skills, Y axis are skill categories and the bubble size represents the number of people having that skill. Thank you

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  • ddnn97
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    Thank you for your feedback, I've created my second suggestion in entry #15 .

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  • warwicks1
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    Thanks Nhan, We have tried bubble charts, however as your example shows, when we try to display the combinations it becomes complex. In our production environment we have 7 skill categories that contain a total of 50 skills, and we want to see the combinations between them. Your bubble chart only shows the numbers within each skill/skill category. How can the visualisation show me how many people have the combination of DBA, Accounts Payable and Project Management? This is our challenge...

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