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Ghost story

I tell you real story of my grand parents. She lives in a village of Kahutta. Once she was sleeping in her yard along with dog sitting near her cot. Suddenly dog started shouting on anonymous. Than my grand maa woke up and surprisingly watching here and there for searching the reason behind shouting of dog. The dog started running in a specific direction. My grand maa also followed the dog. After reaching at a specific point in graveyard the dog stop and started shouting by looking here and there. My grand maa also stop she was searching the reason behind which dog was shouting. Suddenly a burner is coming out from one way without any physical interaction. My grand maa was tense by examining this situation. She got fainted there. The dog run away to home and started shouting. My father woke and by following him we got grand maa...Our grand maa caught fever over a month. She always become afraid on the discussion of that night.

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  • awaisaliahmad
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    What a cute little story. Women will never go alone out at night and i wonder she went to the graveyard at night leaving the gate open which is next to impossible. I am from Pakistan too so please tell me something which can be believed atleast

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