Skateboard collage style design with an anarchy theme (pictures provided)

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

All images used are not owned by me and this design is fan art and is not going to be used for re-sale. If you would like to change the pictures to similar themes that aren't copyrighted great have a go.
*Please view mock up for exact instruction.
I would like a design for a skateboard deck using the images provided in the general positions and sizes shown in the mock up example but so they look like they flow together e.g no borders and it all looks like the one picture, no backgrounds behind individual images. The pictures will probably need to be edited to be clearer lines.

*The entire picture is to be in black and white *except the Anarchy logo in the top right and the 'El Toro' writing at the bottom of the deck which will be in red. White background with the pictures all in that silhouette style.
*The picture is to be provided in 9inch wide by 33inch high size and be of the best quality so it can be clearly printed and is not blurry when zoomed in. Also would be good to have it provided as the deck shape as well (templates can be downloaded from -
*The writing 'INNOCENCE LOST' 'CHANGE' 'HOPE' will be in the font Downcome.
*The writing 'SUBVERT' 'EL TORO' will be in the font Accidental Presidency.
*The image with the man drinking holding a sign will read 'THINK' in the font Accidental Presidency.
*The writing of 'kill whitey' and 'if you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission' are to be kept the same as examples
*The picture in the top left of the beggar, he's sign will be changed to 'will skate for food' in a similar text to example

I will be awarding this contest to someone as long as the work is up to standard and adheres with the guidelines provided. More projects could be awarded to the person who delivers the best finished product. Thanks and good luck!

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  • ElToro1986
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 8 năm

    hi guys thanks for entering the contest, but after advice with distancing the company name from copyrighted images, even though this was more a personal project i have decided to close this contest. sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    • cách đây 8 năm
    • cách đây 8 năm

    yep might have to remove it

    • cách đây 8 năm
  • tkko
    • cách đây 8 năm

    hello, by including the figurine of a rioter with flowers you're most likely going to infringe copyright of an artwork by Banksy, regards

    • cách đây 8 năm

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