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disregard 1,3,4,5,6 2) and new version is at this entry. thanks for the feedback

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  • bigboss4
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    Thank you for your work!
    I still prefer the version 2), so you can discard the 'new version' with the underline and the 'N'.

    Now, I would like to come back to the modification that I called A) in one of the previous message exchanges we had (entry #12 message part 1). Can you please apply it? I mean to modify the 'heart rate line' within the flamme to make sure the up part and the down part have the exact same size.
    The idea is that if the negative signal is bigger, it could vehiculate the message that customers might lose more than gain. I want the exact same size to vehiculate the idea of life and energy, without any consideration to gain or loss.

    Please tell me if you want additional clarification.
    Thank you again!

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