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My idea for your t-shirt

Hi, I imagine your T-shirt like in the image uploaded by me in jpg format. The text and the image with the cans are separated in two files so you can put them on the t-shirt as you please. They are made with transparency that`s why I chose png format to upload ( if you prefer i can upload the jpg files), they are made on canvas 12"X12", i made them bigger so you can reduce them to fit your prefered size without quality loss. I hope you like it. Thanks

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  • findaway2
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    thanks for your participation in contest. This is awesome work! Thanks for the other submitions also. Only change I request is if you could have cans getting bigger from top to bottom like the image i sent in initial project request. I also like how you added the look alikes of different beers. very creative and appealing. If you could do six pack with budweiser, tecate, corona, heineken, coors and bud light that would be awesome. jpg is fine. thanks

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