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blue llama / iphone banner 1/2

apparently it didnt uploaded from 1st try... description on 2nd exemple

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  • phildegruchy
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    Hi Catalin,

    Excellent that seems a lot more clearer. For some reason this one is the most difficult... Never liked iPhones myself... I'm a Android person!!! ;) These changes and then we should be go to go!!!

    - Lets go for the black background.
    - Can the "i" of point be the other way round with the point at the top.
    - Can Jersey not have the flag element within it. Just plain white.
    - I like the circles around Jersey though. Can these be a little more like radio waves emanating from it. Showing that Jersey is the centre communicating with others (like yourself) outside the island. These circles could go outside of the normal font size but become semi transparent the further out they are - if that doesn't tool too complex. If that doesn't work then something more simple.
    - I like the arrows with the "of"
    - Can the colours be: white, blue, orange, red in that order.

    Sorry for all the changes.

    • cách đây 7 năm