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Arabic Translator and Web Designer

Dear Sir, My name is Alhasan. I have been working as English and Arabic translator, Web, UI/UX and graphic designer freelancer for more than 3 years on several freelancing platforms, such as, Upwork, Freelancer, Guru and Fiverr. I believe that I will be your best candidate for this post because I think I am an educated Arabic Native person, graduate from Damascus University from Syria, and I believe that I am an advanced English user (IELTS 7.5).In addition, I have huge translation experience in both Arabic and English. Moreover, I have a decent experience in Front-End Web Development( HTML, CSS, JavaScript), which means I can easily edit HTML elements and translate it into Arabic, and I can style it for you if you want using CSS. please feel free to look on some of my web design works on Behance site. If you think I am a good fit, please don't hesitate and contact me here. Regards, Alhasan Note: this Png pic is just an example of my designs.

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