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Translate website to Arabic and optimize it

Hello, as I understand from your description you need to do 3 main tasks, the first one is to translate 50 articles, secondly you want to install a suitable wordpress translation plugin for this purpose, thirdly optimize the articles with (HTML + CSS ) tags to decorate the articles and in the same time meet (Yoast SEO plugin) requirements to achieve the best score for SEO+Readability green lights system, I can do all the 3 tasks for you because I have a very large experience in the wordpress platform for more than 10 years, I have done hundreds of projects such as translation, SEO Optimization, trouble-shooting, install & modify plugins, themes, designing with DIVI, BeTheme, Avada, I attached a screenshot for a sample article in Arabic with full Yoast SEO green lights for readability & SEO, about the translation I have a developer license for WPML plugin, finally my brother works as a professional translator for many European embassies here in Egypt, he can do the translation

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