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UX UI design for gym members / Fitness app

I am just uploading a sample work of mine to ask few questions about your project I have seen your project so closely, but I didn't understand the User Journey you have designed in image number 3 so I thought that better I ask you first before working on the real. It's not clear that what the things that a user is booking and why would you like to use those images? And I have seen some people using those images anywhere they needed without specified place. I am really interested in your project and really want to know those answers before start designing because those means User Experience of your app. Thanks, Muhammad Sahin

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    Hi Muhammad, images are a intended to give the looks. But if you feel you can work something else is ok. The user journey is the one you see on the file, theres one in english too. There are some more views in between but they are not necessary in this ocation. thank you

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      Thanks and Please wait for my entry I'll submit soon.

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