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VIDEO with the HIGHEST resolution [HD_1080p]

Dear SIR, It's a pleasure for me working with such a exciting Promotional video. The video provided itself was full of exciting scenes that, it was so difficult to cut short with the other components I have used to make it more eye catching. However, I have used some different idea to make it exceptional which I think will be liked by you. These exceptional components used in the video are: 1. Video Intro with TNGNT Ski Bikes 2. Logo Animation with one of the LOGOs provided 3. Both the videos are kept on two sides of the promotional video afterwards 4. The last scene collected from the website was an excellent choice to me suits to be at the ending part. 5. A very simple outro with logo and website 6. The whole video kept with in 1 minute (58 seconds) 7. The video is prepared maintaining with the highest resolution i.e HD 1080 keeping a high quality of sound effect. Hope this video presentation will be appreciated by you. Best Regards, Syed Iftekhar Rahman (SIR)

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