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Revised Edition 1

I changed the shorts to be longer, and replaced the drawn jewelry with the real things I've attached two images to show the detail and definition (again, Freelancer preview limits the quality).

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                                     cho                                         Walkin whale
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  • jadellwells2
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    I've never used this platform before so I didn't know of the quality issues..I'm looking for more a realistic version even though I said cartoonish. Can you scratch the street. Can you make his chain thinner and add one. All black glasses Can you make his shorts like an Hawaiian vibe. The walkin whale doesn't have to be incorporated into the picture itself. The walkin whale logos were separate. A nice ww in a hippy bubble letter vibe

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    1. Al3xDJ911
      • cách đây 4 tháng

      So on freelancer it presents previews like YouTube thumbnails with a restricted quality and size. I'll try to change the image like you want.

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