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Am Sorry, I really don't know what company name Adria is incorporated on, or registered with, but I believe Adria Cleaning Services drives the point in more, Adria building makes one think of a construction firm, with mortar, brick and cement kind of jobs, with that in mind and with a few sketches edited from your input and topped with what I feel is right, below is my own composition of what I feel is best, no boring long stories, just professionalism in the what we do page. Adria Building Services, established in Europe, around the Adriatic Sea, is a Family owned Cleaning Service provider with services provided for Colorado Spring. With an excellent operation reputation of ten years with professionalism and experience, topped with world class cleaning service delivery every time. Adria Building Services offers significant advantages over competitors, our services are tailored to go with whatever budget you our client/s is satisfied working with. We also support **TEXT NOT COMPLETE**

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                                     cho                                         "Who We are"? & "What we do"? & and "What difference does it make"? & "What's in for the Customer"? edit for my Marketing campaigns.
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    Adria is not corporation, its a sole proprietorship this is the current status. Adria building services was established here in the us, but our origins came from Adriatic sea. Its it kind of hard to come up with a interesting story perhaps is better to stick with the professionalism.but what you wrote is a good start.

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      okay, i'd sticked with the professionalism part.

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