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Random link generator from links list

Hi, The demo is written by PHP, bootstrap framework and native javascript. The way how it works is that very new user will get random link from links pool which will be provided by your database (In my demo, I use simple data but it can be customize less than a day for your needs). As of now, I have uploaded 2 pages to show the simple and independent integration as your requirement. Each page can be integrate with different database without changing backend source code. In this example, I demonstrated index.html and indexb.html which has their own database table respectively in backend. Basically, an user can come and generate random link and it will open up new window (please allow popup in your browser). Moreover, the user with same session won't be redirected to same link which is redirected before under same session. Please see the demo below and give me feedback on this.

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  • yogeshsharma89
    • cách đây 5 năm

    Good one ! but users may not have javascript enabled in their browser, so as not also allowing the popup.

    • cách đây 5 năm
    1. kyawzawwin
      • cách đây 5 năm

      Thanks for the feedback, I don't understand your point though. Let's see how is the contest host's feedback

      • cách đây 5 năm