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Simple note of our love and distance is unifying

Ever since we found each other,I have had the best moments of my life.I miss your cooking,us travelling together and our trip to Fiji will be the most fulfilling and binding we have since our recent separation.Long Distance love isn't work as most people claim but instead a way to unite us in each other and create strong hearts and build never-ending hope that very soon we shall be joined together, forever.This is the time to encourage each other more and be there for each other. You are the woman of my dreams and the realest part of my life which i never want to let go.You encourage me and each day with you is an unforgettable experience.You are the one i want,to be the mother of our children as you are my pillar.I hope and pray that our love grows each day to the greatest fulfilment.Am not perfect but i promise you to always be the best.Keep holding your head high and know that you are so beautiful and awesome woman.I miss you and love you from the bottom of my heart. With love.

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