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Dear Sir, I have learned about your project, and thank you for posting and the skills required in the job match with me properly. I am a professional freelancer writer highly interested in working with you. As a graduate student at a prominent University of Bangladesh, I have a lot of deep and well-researched content writing, Ph.D. thesis writing, research paper writing with good argumentation. Also have good experiences in various field of Business, Humanities and of course national and International Law. I have experience in project management, finance, marketing, accounting, taxation, collaborative analysis, strategy analysis, business plan making, Leadership, control, etc., from the field of Business. Also, I have experience in Ph.D. thesis writing, motion drafting, pleading, AGLC case analysis, business case studies, agreement making, research paper writing with good argumentation, solving international case law problems, etc., from Law. Before working on the project, I do deep

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  • rajjagad3
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    Woow Ms Nazmoon your biodata is very impressive. I encourage you to enter the contest and limit it to what is necessary. If you are selected in June 2021 We shall notify you for further project where you skills to do deep may prove to be very useful. And good luck !!

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    1. NazmunNahar6
      • cách đây 3 tháng

      hello sir could you please chat with me, please

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