A logo for a movement and energywork studio

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I am looking for a logo for my movement & energywork boutique studio that is classy but also surfy (I live near the beach) and simple. I have specific preferences for the colors and design elements of the logo. I would like the logo to represent both the movement (dance) aspect and the energetic (spiritual) aspect of my business. And meaby you can incorporate the figure 8, swastika, in the word flow?!

The main colour of my logo is RGB nr. 74A4AB
The support colour in my communication is RGB nr. debc65

I Already have a current logo that has undergone many changes already. Now I am moving to another space (near the sea) and the logo and housestyle should be renewed. Please make it timeless and easy for print since I do not want it to change for the coming 5 years. Oh and I only need the words Flow by Fleur, so no pay of...

Ideal skills and experience for this job include:
- Experience in designing elegant and sophisticated logos
- Creativity in incorporating simple but refinend dance and movement elements into the design
- Knowledge of color theory and the ability to create visually appealing color schemes
Key requirements:
- Design a creative and unique logo that captures the essence of the studio
- Use [Client can manually input the colors] or any other colors that complement the overall design
- The logo should have a modern feel, while also incorporating elements of vintage or abstract styles if desired

If you are a creative and skilled designer who can bring my vision to life, please submit your proposal along with examples of your previous logo designs.

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