Academic Book Cover Design

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

Design features: The design of the cover picture (portrait) should have the following 9 REDRAWN icons (the description of the thematic subject areas' are for the designer only, don't use it in the cover!):
1. Awareness (zero-waste requires knowledge and awareness)
2. Zero-waste design (cradle-to-cradle design, design solutions)
3. Collaborative consumption (service-oriented consumption instead of ownership)
4. Infrastructure (waste infrastructure, both hard and soft infrastructure)
5. Take-back (regulatory policies & strategies)
6. Reuse (reuse/recirculate functional products)
7. Repair (repair the old or non-functional items)
8. Recycle (recycled all recyclable items)
9. Compost (compost all organic waste)
Colour options:
• Green ( the primary colour as shown in the draft and you can use shades of green)
• Orange (Only use in the text as shown in the draft.
After rewarding the prize, the winner needs to submit the updated/revised (if needed) design in several formats:
• Portrait orientation
• Submit the main design with and without book title (a resolution of 300dpi and ideally a minimum width of 2,100 pixels)
• JPEG or TIFF files

The cover design must have the 9 icons/themes as shown in the draft and all 9 icons need to be redrawn to avoid any copyright issue. You can use only visual or text or combination of both drawings and text as shown in the supplied file.

I need something very similar (including light-coloured grid lines) to the draft that I'have supplied with the redrawn icons using the attached Template 12B.

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