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Your task is
1. take photo in provided image file ([login to view URL]
2. look at example files to understand what client wants
a) preview IMG_0091. this is a file that client hand draw to show you an example of what he wants in reference to geometric shapes
b) IMG _0092 Shows the name Frank Rocca COULD be like a tattoo on the fingers. Must look realistic
c) image [login to view URL] is an example of a file that was rejected but client likes the lettering
d)image(2)png is example of creative inspiration
3. review files of inspiration to get creative ideas
4. make something that incorporates pop art and cubism ans that people will want to look at for generations
you are creating an album cover for an itunes release on sony music. the lettering that must be on there is as follows:
1. Artist Name: Frank Rocca
2. Title Of Single: Cocaina Queen

use the same concept that is used on the face paint on the girls picture to create hand drawn looking geometric shapes to fill the space in the upper left had corner of the picture. make it colorful and something that is fun and nice to look at

provide layered psd file with all elements
used the resolution of the file provided
color image of girl should not be obstructed
image size should be 10inch x 10inch

fell free to ask me any questions you like
good luck artist of the world

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    please look at updated term rendered.tiif replace with d: shutterstock_1069041911.jpg

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