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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

Write an essay in which you will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the three painting mediums we have studied (tempera, fresco, oil) by comparing three works of art from the list above. The success of this paper hinges on your ability to discuss the works and their mediums in depth, to make references to the material you have read and to substantiate your ideas with specific examples.

2. Study the medium of painting:

- Read the following entries from The Encyclopedia Britannica, devoted to tempera paint, fresco paint and oil paint:

3. Background reading on the Early Renaissance:

- Read Maryan W. Ainsworth’s article on “Early Netherlandish Painting”:

- Read John Larner’s article on “The Early Italian Renaissance”:

4. Works of Art:

Study carefully the following works of art:

Duccio: Maesta, tempera paint on wood,1308-11, Museum dell’Opera Metropolitana de Duomo, Siena
- study these two videos:

Masaccio: The Holy Trinity, fresco paint, 1428, Church of Santa Maria Novella, Florence
- Read the following article:

Andrea Mantegna: La Camera degli Sposi, fresco paint, c.1467-1475, Palazzo Ducale, Mantua
- Read the following article:

- Watch the following video (I know it is in Italian but it is the best in terms of visualizing the entire room!):

Jan and Hubert van Eyck: Ghent Altarpiece (The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb), oil paint on wood, completed in 1432, St. Bavo Cathedral, Ghent
- Read Professor Susan Jones’ essay:

- Read Nina Siegal’s “Up Close, There’s More to the Ghent Altarpiece Than the Lamb” (NYT, 01/28/2020):

- Explore this amazing website and make sure to zoom on the images, you will be able to see astonishing details:

Jan van Eyck: The Virgin of Chancellor Rolin, oil paint on wood, c.1430-1434, Louvre Museum, Paris
- Read Guillaume Kazerouni’s essay:

- Note: you will need to find better images and details through a simple image google search.

Sandro Botticelli: Primavera (Spring), tempera on wood, c.1480, Uffizi Museum, Florence:
- First, read this short article about Botticelli:

- Second, read about the painting:

Sandro Botticelli: Birth of Venus, tempera on canvas, c.1485, Uffizi Museum, Florence:
- Read about the painting

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