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Hi, I have made some additions to the faces like brows and eyelids which help convey the emotions, I hope that it is fine with you. Shapes of hats also relate to the emotional state of character. I have done work for laser cutting before, so I feel confident in following the technical requirements you need. Note that these are only sketches, the artwork will be cleaned up and perfected in Illustrator. Please let me know if you like these sketches and if you have any suggestions or feedback. Thanks.

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                                         cho                                             Animate a face through expressions of joy and pain
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  • jtonsfeldt
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    Thank you Polina. I think you've done the best job so far matching the range of expressions I have in mind.

    It's useful to see your drawings next to the corresponding faces on the pain scale.

    You provide an example drawing for #2 on the pain scale, but this should be the original drawing.

    I would like the drawing style in the end result to look exactly like the existing drawing on the mask. As if you're starting with that face and animating it.

    I hope this explanation makes sense. I'm happy to discuss further.

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    1. elephantstories
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      Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you like my work. I have changed the mouth on number 2 because I don't think that the original style of the mouth would work well in depicting all 30 expressions. At the same time, if I leave the mouth unchanged on number 2 and have the rest as I have drawn them, expressions would look inconsistent. So unless it is completely necessary, I think it is best to replace the lipped mouth with the simpler one, like in sketches. I can change the side hair back to the original (bangs needed to be changed to fit eyebrows in), and add the ears back (which I forgot to add in previously, I'm sorry). I know that the original doesn't have eyebrows, however, I suggest keeping the eyebrows since they are very helpful in showing characters' emotions, especially when there are 30 of them and the goal is to make each mask be different from the rest. These are only my suggestions, let me know what you think about them.

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