Anonymous video chatting application (UI Only)

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

I need a web app developed using Flutter 2. The web app is going to be based on two popular anonymous chatting sites with some small additions -

The main difference between this web app from the two mentioned above is that for this web app, registration and login are a must. Also, the text-only chats found in Omgle wouldn't be present here. This site is only for video chatting.

- Landing page: Take a look at dirtyroulette website. You can see that the main page has all the video chatting facility and also website-like content below these elements when you scroll down. In the application I need, the landing page should have content like this plus a login facility as you can see in landing.jpeg among the attachment files.

- New user confirmation: In case of a new user, the user is taken to a page where we ask for confirmation if he's a new user or he already has an account with this app (confirm_creation.jpeg).

- Key phrase page: If the user is indeed a new user and does not already have an account, he's taken to a page where his key phrase which could be used to login will be shown to him (account_creation.jpeg). Yes, in this application, key phrases as shown in the photo are used instead of traditional passwords. Once he has the key phrase and he clicks login, the rest of the background is blurred so that he cannot see the keyphrase and a model pops up (mnemonic_confirmation.jpeg) with an incomplete phrase which he has to complete in order to complete registration.

- Instead of being a new user, if the user already has an account with the service, he's taken to a login page where he has to type his phrase separated by spaces in a text box and the corresponding table gets filled with these words to make it easy for the user to see his phrase visually in a go. (mnemonic_login.jpeg)

- After login or registration is completed, the user is taken inside. Here, we have two sections. One section, where the chats are moderated and kept clean (like omegle) and another section where the users could get comfy without any moderation (like dirtyroulette). But inside these sections, the design remains consistent. So, according to a designer, there's an element where the user chooses which section to enter and the sections both look the same. Also, like in dirtyroulette the user should choose gender and add interests and also option to choose and switch target gender (see the top right area where options "Genders" and "Country" could be seen. But in our case, "country" is not needed). The placement of buttons "Next" and "Send" as in omegle in the bottom part, where a stop button is present in the upper area as in dirtyroulette.

The above description and attached images are to be used as a guideline and not as a strict framework. I'm open to ideas and innovative designs as long as the basic functionality is cleanly expressed (that's the whole point). The quality of code needs to be high and the codebase itself should be well organized. The freelancer whose work is selected will have an ongoing relationship and will have more exciting works waiting for him in the future.

This is an urgent job and a winner will definitely be chosen if I get competitive entries. The only reason behind not making this a "Guaranteed" job is because Flutter web is relatively fresh and there may not be entries which are relavant.

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