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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

Big Banners
2 banners 301 x 103,5 (to see from a long distance, attached to the floating bridge on the side)

Text: Kajakpolo er en sport hvor alle kan deltage.
With logo and website info.
Feel free to design at your best.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Instagram contest

best picture of the year wins a kayakpolo/BBQ party.

Danish text: Vind en kajakpolo og grillfest.
Skyd årets bedste kajakpolo billede
Følg os på ”Instagram”
Se mere info på [login to view URL]

4 stickers - 40 x 40 cm
2 Banners – 188 x 103,50 cm (to be placed on the floating bridge)
Picture for Instagram
Follow us on facebook, with QR code
Danish text: Følg os på facebook
[login to view URL]

2 stickers 40 x 40 cm
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Facebook 2

See all our pictures on Facebook, with QR code

Danish text: Se vores kajakpolo billeder på Facebook
[login to view URL]

4 stickers 40 x 40 cm
200 flyers 7,4 x 10 cm

2 banners 120 x 70, with danish text on one side, english on the other.

Danish text:
Kajakpolo er sommerens sjoveste spil, hvor alle kan deltage.
Det minder om håndbold i kajakker, og vigtigste regel er at man kun må holde på bolden i 3 sekunder. Det er sjovt, hurtigt, uforudsigeligt og du bliver formentlig våd.
I skal minimum være 6 deltagere, og det koster fra kr. 95 pr. deltagere.
Se mere på vores hjemmeside [login to view URL], og book jeres tid online.

English text:
Kayakpolo is a funny summer sport, where everyone can participate.
The game is quite similar to handball, played from a kayak. Most important rule is that you can only hold on to the ball for 3 seconds. It is fast, funny, unpredictable and probably you will get wet.
To play, you have to be a minimum of 6 people, and the price starts at DKK 95 pr. Person.
Check out our website [login to view URL], and book online.
Dressingroom inside

6 different photos of kayakpolo with our logo on it, to print on stickers. In different sizes from
30 x 30 to 70 x 70 (doesn’t have to be square)
Dressingroom outside

A small redesign of the dressingroom (trailer)
3 new folio signs, replacing the text “poterabend firmaevent en sport hvor alle kan deltage)
New Danish text: Sommerens sjoveste sport, hvor alle kan deltage.

New folio sizes: 160 x 80 cm / 160 x 80 cm / 185 x 95 cm

Right now it is made in wooden look, and so is the wagon.

It is a must that it is not to flashy on the outside of the wagon.

Further I want some new pictures on the trailer/dressingroom. Maybe some new pictures to illustrate how fun a sport it is. I am thinking like on the inside, the pictures can be 30x30 to 70x70 – give me your best ideas. So a small re-design of the folio on the wagon, not replacing everything, but by attaching small pieces of new folio on top of the old.
Feel free to give your ideas of re-designing the trailer/dressingroom

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Phản hồi của người thuê

“Great job, quick and good looking”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ bryggeskajakpolo, Denmark.

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    Hi, i'm sorry i'm a bit confused with the brief. Could you please confirm how many items need to be delivered for this contest? Thank you.

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    Hi there is it possible to instant message me?

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    Hi there, can you please clarify how many designs are required, the contest brief is a bit confusing.
    Kind regards.

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