Basic Flowchart Graphics

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

Hello! How are you?

I need 7 basic graphics done. It should only take a couple of hours. My budget is $50AUD. I would usually create them myself on photoshop or illustrator, but I'm currently overwhelmed with work.

These flowcharts/graphics are already drawn with a pen - so you have a guide of how to create them. They're mostly the same template/style/theme.

My goal is to make digital COLOURFUL versions of the information I've presented and drawn with a pen. Then I'll insert these new colourful graphics into an assignment. Ideally I need JPEG files when you're finished, with your PSD or A.I. files attached at the end as well (in case I need to make alterations after the project is done.) Here's the first 5 flowcharts uploaded. There's 2 more to come.

After you see these photos, I'd need you to create a photoshop or adobe illustrator file, and create these new digital version of the flowcharts, which are:

a) Perfectly symmetrical (Please use "oblong" shape for everything.)
b) Keep everything on one page
c) This page will be A4 when printed
d) Please centre all the information, so that "main interest area" is in the centre, up the top. Then all the following information is below that, in a pyramid type shape.
e) Please use colours that are aesthetic and "educational". Colours which are easy on the eye.

Please message if you have any questions!

Thank you :)


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  • ChivLancer
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    Kindly check #21 , #22 , #23 . Best regards.

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  • USAmakhan099
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    #guaranteed please

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    1. DrScrote
      Chủ cuộc thi
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      Done. I thought it was automatically guaranteed. It's funny that I had to "upgrade" my contest to offer this. Anyway, of course a winner will be chosen. Warm regards, Sean

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  • yunitasarike1
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