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Our company is a virtual school in Québec, Canada, ranging from high school to university levels. We already designed our new website and most pages are given in png in attached file just to get the feel of it and the kind of quality we are looking for. We will become the facebook of international education.

The tasks for now concerns the member area (called "intranet" in french) where the kids reach the notes, exercices, tests, etc, It should look like a mix between "[login to view URL]" "facebook", "google +" and "schoology". We made a little sketch of the frame we want and we would like to have some help to create approximately 10-20 icons (or badge) and some dropdown (from what is already created) that would fit in our design. I want it in Illustrator format and in PNG. In the screenshot called "Intranet sketch", you can see what we want approximately even though it is been drawn very rapidly and is far from final, it gives an idea. We need to create 2D icons (like the one shown for the chat or the ones in Google + on the side menu, see my video) which are going to look very professionnal for kids and adults (fitting with the context) as well. I'm looking for a good designer for the future of our buisness as well so for the long term we have lots of projects to do. So i'm gonna have 10-20 icons to create (vector format in illustror)

I need someone who is very good to create simple but unique icons which is gonna look very good and add colors to the "intranet". The freelancer i want to hire on th elong run with us will have to show me its work so that i correct him or her if necessary and give orientations to follow. The other screnshot i provide (the ones called "etudesecours" are the current website which is gonna change to Laurea Virtua)

Please show me similar project you did for web design or mockup for other websites in your bidding.

IMPORTANT: I'll give more infor concerning what to do when people commit to this contest.

Dedicated freelancer only and good rating only (4,5 or + stars, minimum 50 ratings). I want that project done within 2-3 days (including modifications and adjustments). The final details and files will be given after we choose the freelancer to award project. I want to pay at the end of the project when i'm fully satisfied. SO if you are in working in a future big buisness and that you got talent and ideas to put on the website, you are the one i need. I want someone who can create design like Apple or other stuff like that


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  • dawidurbanski
    • cách đây 5 năm

    You are looking for best designer and you are creating contest? Is this a joke? I recommend this page: Regards. Dawid.

    • cách đây 5 năm

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