Bloody awesome website illustration needed (Chosen winner will be commissioned for the full job & continued work)

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

This Illustration job is big for the winner we choose. We understand that this is a backwards way, but if we like your style then we will commission you to do the full job and become an illustrator for our future projects as and when we need you.

So who are we and what do we need from you ?

(For confidentially reasons for the moment we can not disclose our company name, however who ever we choose will be told)

Who we are:

We are a new digital agency that takes a little of Column A (that's the latest tech and dev) and a little from Column B (nifty design) to come up with something really smart for you and your business.
We deliver bright and simple solutions to complicated problems and anything and everything we build has the needs of the end-user firmly at its core.
As much out of passion as practicality, we will hunt down the smartest platforms you've never heard of to make your project as effective and as easy to use as possible.
It doesn't matter if it's finding a clear and attractive way to display complex data, a bold web app to drive engagement, or a web build that serves every facet of your business. We have the tool kit, the brains and the passion to help you out.
Best of all, although we may think in 1s and 0s, we speak like humans and promise never to drown you out with unnecessary jargon and tech-talk. 
If you have a problem you'd like to see us unravel, let us know and we'll have a think about what we can do for you. 

Overall we specialise in the usability and development for websites, applications & data dashboards, using Ruby on Rails and native technologies.

What we need:

We are in the process of building our new website. However a major part of the site is visual based.

We are looking for an web illustrator who can create innovative illustrations, that will reflect the high work we produce.

We like the style of the illustrations on this website: [login to view URL] However we don’t want an exact duplicate of this style. We are wanting something along these lines but showing more of a creative flare that users will be able to tell the difference between our illustrations and theirs. Basically blow our competitors out of the water!!!!

We will be animating the illustrations, so the illustrations you provided MUST be fully layered and vectorised.

Lastly as regards to the illustrations please think of combining everyday objects alongside the web, design and dev objects to emphasis our offerings, who we are and what we do.

Good Luck and go be creative!

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