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Please remember I am looking for ORIGINAL IDEAS, There has been entries of people just copying the same brand name and logo from other sites and submitting it the same as just stealing an image from Google. I can tell when an image has been stolen. Please only submit your own work or you will be rejected. I AM LOOKING FOR A UNIQUE BRAND NAME THAT ISNT ALREADY USED ALONG WITH A LOGO FOR IT.

Please DO NOT use 'MYMEOW' or 'MEOWBOX' These are NOT ORIGINAL these are two famous cat boxes already in use.

I am looking for a freelancer to create a brand name and logo for my subscription box business. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating brand identities for fun and playful brands.

My subscription box is going to a cat box. It will include cat treats and toys inside this box. I will be creating a halloween themed box for the month of October which will include halloween themed cat toys inside such as catnip filled pumpkin toys and more.

I have my ideas i just need helping with creating a brand name and identity. Im unsure of my exact brand colours im wanting to use but im thinking of something along the lines of greens and blues.
I am also looking for a logo for this too.

Some ideas of some cat subscription boxes are...

Here are some links for you to look and get an idea.

- The brand belongs to the subscription box industry.
- I am open to suggestions for the color scheme.
- The brand name and logo should convey a feeling of fun and playfulness.

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“Khaled was very polite and helpful. He created many different revisions until I was happy with the outcome. He also sent several different files because I am very indecessive and couldnt pick between two designs. Will definitely be hiring him for future projects and can recommend him to anyone. ”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ notsurelol, United Kingdom.

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