Budget Planner 2023

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I am a budget coach and my page @budgetauntie on IG. I want to produce a planner for 2023 showing:

COVER DESIGN and tabs for content preferrabke staggered

About Budget Auntie..i can provide once i select the job. Or can be taken from website to say how i used bhdget to manage my finances over the years. Will send my cartoon profile Budget Auntie too

FINANCIAL GOALS 2023 (2 pages)

Important Due dates:

credit card statements and due dates 1. 2.3 , Insurances due dates . utilities due dates

Highlight USA and Jamaican holidays

Annual budget Jan Feb to Dec (12 mths ) Running across two pages horizontally and the expenses line by line

Monthly budget line page showing budget versus actual spend (2 pages) left side for budget and rights side for sinking fund , debt - payment vs balances and planning notes (splash of budget auntie colors on pages to peak interest)

Now since some persons get paid weekly then we would do a weekly planner....i would leave the expense caregoires blank ut just provide the headings on the 52 pages.(black n white pages only)

(Looks like Excel layout)

Carried from prior month

Net Pay
Child Care
Side Gigs
Investment Income
Tax Refunds

Light and Power
Next Flix
Savings 1 2 3.
Motor Vehicle Expenses
Motor vehicle taxes
Debt Payment 1 2 3 (Student Loan), credut cards etc
Wellness and self care
Housekeeper and Nanny
School fee & day Care
Children Expenses
Medical and Dental

Date nights
Misc 1 2 3

NET (Revenue less Expenses )

Seperate page for debt 1 2 3 management..Credit cards 1 2 3. Loans 123 , student loan 123 ..include due dates of payments etc

Gasoline separate page to track gas expenses

Vibrant colors etc as per Budget Auntie IG.. for FRONT PAGE..i may be able to send a cartoon caricature but that is in the works. Lets see what you got. layout similar to the attached. With small Budget quotes on pages for motivation

Show month wheels..3 mths to a page for poerson to strike out no spend days...(like a wheel of fortune with 31 days)

To be printed on hard pages after.etc and ring binded

Modern lettering

Should be less than 100 pages

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“Very responsive and professional. Ready to hire her again@!”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ pattiers, Jamaica.

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    Please check #7

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    Hello Dear, Can you knock me on chat box about your project?

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    Dear, I have few queries, can we talk?

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    1. pattiers
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      Hi..trying to build a budget planner for 2022...Budget Auntie Planner..like a diary ..i included some pic...

      Space for Debt Payment plan 1 2 3


      I am online now

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