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My Submission to contest

Hie Thank you for posting this contest. I have gone through the whole description as well as the information from the links you provided, to better understand your project. I'm pleased to say that I find this project quite interesting as I practice lucid dreaming myself, so I'm happy to make my submission and hope I could become a part of this team. I have intermediate experience building native Java Android applications and recently getting acquanted with Kotlin as well. My skills go beyond Android as I am familiar with backend development also (Node, MySQL, PHP and C#). I am someone who is always eager to learn new technologies and discover new things. I hope you will consider my submission and I look forward to hear from you. Here's the link to my Github repo I didn't have enough time polish things up and add the detail page as I was wrapping another but I could still do so if you allow..

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                                         cho                                             Build a test dream journal android app (4h)
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