Build a wall design for my house - Mario bross as an example

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Hi, I have a big wall that needs to be painted (the wall contains cement and drywall) it will be a big white wall of cement and drywall (you won't notice the difference). The wall needs to be painted but I need a design first.
I want you to create a design for my white wall
The wall is 7.50 meters in height and 2.80 meters in width.
Please refer to google slide: which contains images of the wall and (images and videos of the house (the architect created those))
More context:
The first floor my parents live and the parking garage is there
The second floor is going to be for coworking space / my office (it is an open space all walls are markable people can use marker everywhere. I wanted to make sure peple can use creativity/innovation by having whiteboard all around).
My son will live on the second floor (on the backside).
The third floor is the terrace (a very open and HIGH one the purpose is to have a peace environment in morning and afternoon also have morning and evening conference AND at NIGHT become THE best parties around the world. I have one of the best sound and lighting equipment the same for the second floor). My bedroom is on the third floor.
On the fourth floor, there are 2 small bedrooms (on the backside).
The wall starts from the beginning of the second floor until the mid of the fourth floor.
All house is smart controlled with Alexa and many smart LEDs all around.

The purpose of the wall design is that people who are in the coworking space and in the terrace can see the beautiful design of the wall.

What I expect or think about this design:

- As you see in the images all the art looks like PIXEL art design. Mario bros style with bricks all around.
So I was thinking of the wall design like a Mario bros castle (yes the wall at the top can have a design of castle we can do that with drywall it is cheap to do it). and there can be a BIG window where you can see the princess with fire around saying "Help me Mario" and below we can see Mario fighting with Koopa. We can see also the various versions of Mario trying to climb up the castle in order to rescue the princess. We can add other characters like the ghost, Wario, Luigi helping Mario, etc.
This is just an idea but is free to have other ideas. I was thinking more about Mario because of the PIXEL art that we have already.
If you think we should add lightning in the walls please mention (perhaps lightning for creating a fire effect) or just normal lightning for the wall.

Any PNG, JPEG right now but if you have Figma or illustrator would be great so that if you are chosen then the painter can know what hexadecimal color to use for painting.

I am going to definitely give you tips (I did that in the past) if you are chosen and recommend your work (and let you know once the painting is done).

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“Liliana is a creative person and a hard worker. She accepted to change the design as we were moving forward with the project. I am really happy with the work she provided and definitely, I will work with her in the future. ”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ etelaya, Peru.

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