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I am an Event and Marketing Consultant of 18 years. I am looking for Website Designer/Builder or Company to build my client a Quality, Exciting Website to win business from Government, Councils, Companies and Agencies. The style of website, i believe, looks great are [login to view URL] and These sites appear basic (don't have too much happening, not over cramped with information) extremely crisp, visual and exciting. They are seamless in design, not appearing to be trying too hard to be everything. IE simple design throughout the website. - I have attached 2 parts to the presentation as the document is over the 21 meg limit. Part A is followed by part B - I have built the attached presentation using a similar industry website based on an overseas country whom we have no conflicts. I have changed the content to be relevant to the clients business. The website I used as a template is [login to view URL] - While the information is to be used from the presentations the same look and feel of the website is up to you (hence running a Freelancer competition). - On the attached presentation i have provided a breakdown of the information to be used. The information flows down the page with few links for people to click through to other pages or onto other websites. - Reviewing the [login to view URL] website you'll see the images sliding to the right. I have provided Draft Photos to be placed in these positions for the build to be updated at a later time. There are two on the one page (both to be inserted, one later removed). - I have used colour boxes/banners and inserted the relevant information. As mentioned, you are to design the site to be clean, crisp and exciting as possible similar to Apple / - Under the tab 'Who we are' there are a large number of logos. These logos to be re-done to all look the same (see [login to view URL]). Happy for you to manage how this looks on the website as some innovation is needed. These will be supplied. If the quality isn't good enough please find preferred logo's online. - We are using a URL getintouch@[login to view URL] to be contacted. We will provide hosting details to successful designer. - Links to Social Media will come to the successful applicant.
Note: We have had logos designed locally that have come through. I have provided the options they've sent me with a circle around the 2 preferred options in Landscape and Portrait. I have also attached these in 3 different formats for you to include on your work (Please note that i have not received the updated logo version with the correct spelling and this would need to be updated by you or changed when this comes through. Spelling should be Western (not Wester). I would also suggest you make the logo colour what every you think looks the best on your work. Thank you

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“Dipankar's speed and quality of work is exceptional. Any task i proposed Dipankar completed in seconds. He was so quick i had to ask if: 1/ the size of his team 2/ if his team worked 24/7 (he was responding at 4am his time The sign of a quality Freelancer is when they suggest options to improve your project and Dipankar was forthcoming throughout our work. His now working on our Social sites and all other online work. Great effort and i couldn't recommend more highly. Andrew ”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ searcyal2000, Australia.

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  • adixsoft
    • cách đây 3 tháng

    Hi, Please Provide Feedback on #10 . I am Sure You Will Love It. Thanks Aadil.

    • cách đây 3 tháng
  • alexsmithcode
    • cách đây 3 tháng

    Hello, Kindly check entry #6 and #7 . I will give you better design. Cheers!!!

    • cách đây 3 tháng
  • houdinia
    • cách đây 3 tháng

    hello, do you have a logo sir?

    • cách đây 3 tháng
    1. searcyal2000
      Chủ cuộc thi
      • cách đây 3 tháng

      I do, i'll add to the job. Great point.

      • cách đây 3 tháng

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