Build a website for start-up business -- 2

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

***This contest is for a fully functional and responsive website for our new company***

A. Present HOMEPAGE and if you would like, a second page that has been linked to the homepage (present temp html link to visualize)

B. Along with the MOCKUP, the designer must provide a complete lay out of the web sites pages.
(We want the mockup to view how you distribute the main elements within the homepage, the images and the wording you would use.)

C. You will need to present a LAYOUT how many pages this web site needs, also you should indicate the elements that will go on each page.
(The layout we need to see to make sure you understand what is is we want for our company)

***About us:
Starting a new startup fresh in 2018 we are starting a new company called Keen INSULATION, a business primarily focused on Commercial bids. Please do not include our past companies or affiliations onto this new website. We want a fresh start, clean slate.


1. We need a professional front office website that makes prospective clients trust that we can perform the large scale insulation projects they are seeking.

2. Our website needs to focus more to building Professionals, ie. Architects, Engineers, Builders, and General Contractors.
We want our future business to be composed of 75% bulk Commercial and new home or multi-home construction, and 25% appeal to the homeowner residential shopper.

3. We need a designer and content writer that knows how to appeal mainly to the professional.

4. Products: Focus interested 90% spray foam insulation and 10% blown cellulose installation. We do not offer any other services at this time.

5. We expect that the site moves future customers to establish a first contact with us due primarily based on the professionalism and presentation of our website.

6. Focus attention away from the fact that we do not have a client roster to show-off, past customer’s referrals, or past projects photos to show at this time. Showcase what we CAN do for them, not what we have done in the past.

7. Using our Keen Improvements logo and color scheme, the web designer must adjust logo to now read Keen Insulation.

8. The web designer must also present an original Web design that shows that he made an evaluation of our needs described on this description.

9. You will be responsible for the original design and graphic presentation of all the pages that builds up the web site. (We will take care finding a content
writer, however you must work in close collaboration).

10. A mockup of the "home page" in HTML or Wordpress (not PSD) would be enough to see if you are the right one to be chose.

11. The selected webdesigner, once awarded and 100% completed project must upload website to our Go Daddy html address

12. We will include as a reference our new business card logo and color scheme from brochure we had produced for our sister improvements company,
logo concept, and watermark photos we can purchase to be used on the website.

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“Ravi is a good guy and very easy to work with. Always responds our chats, he is also fast and concise. Will work with him again!”

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