Build Me A Windows Forms Application ( .Net Framework ) Desktop App Mini Project

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i have two tables

one name is
(1). ac_data
second name is
(2). ac_save_data


Table No. 1 ac_data

Id Name City Cell_Phone_Number
1 Ram Rajkot 9955884545
2 Aakash Ahmedabad 8844252510
3 Chirag Surat 9945858888

Table No. 2 ac_save_data

Id Name City Cell_Phone_Number
1 Ram Ahmedabad 9955884545
2 Aakash Surat 8844252510
3 Chirag Rajkot 9945858888

When Press Key F3
this is how to do , so i have project of datagridview which is addrow property is on...

in crm_save_form,
choose the combobox and name list of the table no. (1) [ ac_data ] 's all row data which is selected and loaded in datagridview so than the gridview collect in textbox all the details from table and when i push save button it is work and insert data query in the table no.(2) ac_save_data . and with the data of the combobox choosed person is also changed in
[ ac_data ] table but when checkbox is not clicked means the data is copied from current focus row but data is not edit in the [ ac_data ] table.

when i'm clicked it on Load Button ,
all data coming from autosync which is coming from datatable name [ ac_data ]
in the crm_save_frm

datarows which is current show are fill with data from table name [ ac_data ] and
when i'm press the Save Button, data is insert into the [ ac_save_data ] table
and when it is not checked in datagridview so , then it is work come from now showing datagridview current focus row which is push when client press F3 Key in Windows App.
the current focus row cell data value is copy into the last add new row data cell column and the data is showed .

and then the work is also understand on the my phone --> ... Cell Phone No. 81 600 22 551

all the project and then project..... i'm not describe whole project here , because it is whole lenthy to write here ..... so please know , call to me.

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    Kindly, check entry #6

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    Nice Project to learn skills on, regardless of compensation. ASP.NET Core Razor I desire to learn. That will be the platform!

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