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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

In order to properly market ourselves both in-store and online, we need a logo. One that is especially easy to recognize, simple and clean without much clutter and that embodies our personality. We want people to be intrigued right away from the logo, but also have a hint of what it is we are offering. This logo will be used on our website and social media profiles - Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Snapchat, Reddit, and more. It will also be used for promotional items like shipping boxes, bags, stickers, and business cards as well as possible merchandise like hats, sweaters, etc.

1x Logo design with the focus on the name “Candy Headz” incorporates an icon design that is easily recognizable, and legible in small formats.

Bold and bright colours. We want customers to feel the nostalgia and excitement of exotic candy and snacks.

Bold and easy to read, especially when used in small profile pictures for Instagram, Facebook, etc.

On the name “Candy Headz” and the feeling of excitement. Like when you were 5 and your grandma gave you 2 dollars in the candy store for you to buy anything you desire.

-Large layouts that will not work for social media or clothing.
-Too cartoony.
-Cursive or hard-to-read fonts.

Candy Headz is a brick-and-mortar as well as an online store that sells exotic, harder-to-find snacks, candy and drinks. Candy Headz is more than just a trendy destination, we embody culture within our walls by providing an experience of buying cool snacks, in a unique environment, from happy, knowledgeable and helpful staff. The store is clean and organized; inventory is displayed in a visually appealing manner and the custom artwork everywhere your eyes take you, the sounds, smells and overall feel of the store embody this experience. We create relationships with our customers above and beyond the sale, creating a community of inclusion and fun both in-store and online. Our regulars stop by daily and/or weekly to try new things, and stock up on their favourites. We are continually meeting new customers every day.

Creating a unique, destination shopping experience that people value and share with their friends. They look forward to returning for their next snack fix and hearing from us by email/SMS.

People ranging in age from 12-40, with the target audience being 14-30. We anticipate the majority of sales to be produced online via our online store.

We are a fun, relatable, young small business with a great sense of humour.

Fun, Colourful, Exotic

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