Centralized web application for access to the local electronic information resources of several integrated online libraries .

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The task is а university degree thesis so more or less it has no practical usage but only academical importance.
The purpose of the thesis is the development of a centralized system web application for access to the local electronic information resources of individual integrated online libraries . ( access to databases external for the centralized web application )
Web Services should be used to implement the communication between the centralized system application and the remote databases of the online libraries
Centralized system will be able to access free and paid information resources. For settlement between the user and the integrated online library will use the virtual currency Bitcoin (BitCoin).
The method of payment used in decentralized virtual currency Bitcoin is: work on the principle of direct p2p (peer-to-peer) communication - the transfer of funds from Bitcoin account (Bitcoin wallet) to Bitcoin user's account online library , provide your library resource. In other words tranzatskii be made between the participants themselves without the mediation of a financial institution .
As far as I know there are a lot bitcoin payments API available to be integrated in every application/web site.
Basic functionality to be implemented
Upon initial registration of a client in a centralized system would require a set of information that is needed to create a readers card to the user, which will need to sign a contract with the library for providing library resources. For example: name, unique customer number, address , information Bitcoin client's account
Upon request of an already registered customer to access library items from a particular online library a web service (Web Service Inquiry) should be sent from the centralized system to the library database to search items with a specific title , genre or author (depending on search criteria entered by the reader ) . In response to the query the centralized system will receive from the remote e-based library a list of all the resources meeting the requested criterion. For each electronic item should be returned several elements mandatory to fulfill the settlement to access an online resource:
general information as the id of the resource, name of the resource , access price , Bitcoin account etc.

When the reader decide to take a specific library unit , payment should be made to transfer virtual money from the client's bitocoin account to the Bitcoin account of the service provider. Once the payment settlement is completed another Web Service should be sent from the centralized system to the particular e-library with input elements - person id, person bitcoin address, id of the resource to access, transaction number of the payment. In response the online library should return an URL or a directory where the resource is stored in order the user to be able to access.
In case the resource is free no settlement payment will be done. Only the Web Service to require the URL of the resource should be sent without the transaction number of the payment ( as no payment is done)

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