Child-Friendly 3D Animation for YouTube

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

I am in need of an expert in creating engaging and child-friendly 3D animations for my upcoming YouTube series. Each video should have a duration of 2-3 minutes, with lighthearted and age-appropriate themes that will attract our young viewers' attention effectively.

Skills and experience needed:

-Voice Over
- Strong proficiency in 3D animation tools and software
- Previous experience in creating children-focused content
- Ability to translate story concepts into compelling visual narratives
- Acquainted with the YouTube platform, and understand its guidelines, especially in relation to kids’ content.

As this is a long-term project, I am looking for a candidate who can deliver consistently high-quality animations, respect deadlines, and has a passion for creating content that would inspire and entertain our youth audience.

Video Context:

Toby's Treasure Hunt


[0:00-0:20 seconds]

[Scene: A sunny morning in the magical forest. Toby is seen with a map, looking excited.]
Narrator: (Voice-over) Welcome to the Whispering Woods, where adventure awaits at every turn. Meet Toby, a brave young explorer on a quest for hidden treasures.

[Scene transition with whimsical music]


[0:20-0:40 seconds]

[Scene: Toby starts his journey, hopping from one stone to another across a small stream. He encounters a riddle written on a stone that hints at the treasure's location.]
Narrator: (Voice-over) With a map in hand and determination in his heart, Toby begins his quest.

[Scene: Toby examines the riddle with curiosity, pondering its meaning.]

[Toby picks up the map and sets off confidently, the excitement evident in his eyes.]


[0:40-1:00 seconds]

[Scene: Toby meets Oliver the Owl, who offers a clue in exchange for helping find his lost glasses. A quick search around, and Toby finds the glasses on a low branch, helping the owl and earning his next clue.]
Narrator: (Voice-over) Along the way, Toby encounters Oliver the Owl, who has a clue to offer in exchange for a small favor.

[Scene: Toby searches around the tree, finding Oliver's glasses and returning them with a smile.]

[Oliver gestures toward the next clue, expressing gratitude.]


[1:00-1:30 seconds]

[Scene: The next clue leads Toby to a bridge that requires solving a puzzle to cross. Toby solves the puzzle by matching shapes of leaves, showcasing problem-solving skills.]
Narrator: (Voice-over) Toby's path leads him to a peculiar bridge guarded by a puzzle.

[Scene: Toby examines the puzzle with determination, trying different combinations until he solves it.]

[With a triumphant smile, Toby crosses the bridge, moving forward on his quest.]


[1:30-2:00 seconds]

[Scene: Fiona the Friendly Fox appears, trapped by a fallen branch. Toby helps her out. Fiona thanks Toby and shares a secret path that leads directly to the treasure's location.]
Narrator: (Voice-over) Just when Toby thought his journey couldn't get any more adventurous, he encounters Fiona the Friendly Fox in need of assistance.

[Scene: Toby rushes to Fiona's aid, lifting the fallen branch with ease.]

[Fiona gratefully gestures toward a hidden path, sharing her knowledge with Toby.]


[2:00-2:30 seconds]

[Scene: Following Fiona's directions, Toby finds the treasure chest under the Great Willow Tree. He opens the chest to find it filled with golden acorns, symbolizing the real treasure of friendship and helping others.]
Narrator: (Voice-over) Guided by friendship and kindness, Toby finally reaches his destination.

[Scene: Toby stands before the Great Willow Tree, excitement evident as he uncovers the treasure chest.]

[Toby opens the chest to reveal the golden acorns, his eyes widening in amazement.]


[2:30-3:00 seconds]

[Scene: Toby decides to share the golden acorns with his new friends, celebrating the joy of sharing and caring. Narrator closes with a message about the importance of friendship and adventure in our lives.]
Narrator: (Voice-over) In the end, Toby learns that the greatest treasures are not found in chests but in the bonds we form along the way.

[Scene: Toby distributes the golden acorns among his friends, their laughter filling the air.]

[Toby and his friends gather in a circle, sharing stories of their adventures as the sun sets over the Whispering Woods.]


[End Screen: "Join Toby on his next adventure by subscribing and hitting the bell icon!"]

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