Clean & modern logo for the name GLASSBOX (international consulting biz)

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

***UPDATE: No gradients please, try to use solid colors or otherwise go for a more flat look. No 3D or other spatial references. Your design needs to be translatable across different mediums. Please use Glassbox name on one line, no carriage return, not broken up nor on different axis, etc.

Clean stylish modern logo wanted for new startup company providing consulting and executive advisory services, serving international clients, also dealing in import and export of health & wellness related products.

Keywords: sleek, modern, tasteful, tailored, quality, high-end
Other Concepts: The name is a reference to the beautiful modern sensibilities of "glass box architecture" style, windows of glass/steel and evokes strong minimalist styles. Less is more. Subtlety is a good expression of inner strength.

Design Direction: can use a combination of Letters + Original Graphic or a Lettering Only style (with a graphic play on one of the letters, like the "a" or the "o" or the "x", etc). No stock art please, needs to be trademark-able in several countries.
Color schemes we like: shades of gray, blue, brown, green, white
Abstract outlines and shapes preferred, we tend to stay away from overly organic looks or "real" images of objects.
NOTE: Do NOT use the figure of a person, no specific attributes to female or male, nothing too "natural" looking.
Working Tagline: Global Focus | International Reach (this is optional for your logo design, it's not confirmed yet)

The Deliverables:
1. Original logo design using the company name “Glassbox"
- (alternative lettering choices may be requested in the final handoff, such as adding words like "Inc." or "Ventures" or "International", etc)
2. Business cards
3. Word & Powerpoint template (for use on invoices, letterheads, slide decks, etc)

Format: Scalable vector graphic (preferred: AI, PNG, PSD)
Fonts: All fonts used must be included or otherwise documented in the set of final handover files
Colors: All colors used must also be identified or documented in the set of final handover files. Please choose a consistent color palette that translates well to multiple mediums.
Layers: Please do not flatten, but label layers accordingly
Business Cards: No more than 4 colors please, at least 400dpi, CMYK-ready. Please take into account for printing in two sizes (standard US format 3.5"x2" as well as the larger Singapore/China size 90mmx54mm plus bleed room, etc) -- in your final uploads, please provide 2 separate files for each size, so as to be ready to send to printers.

***IMPORTANT: Needs to be original so that it can be trademarked in multiple countries (multi-cultural context). Cannot contain stock art.

Intended Use of this logo: Business Cards and Letterheads, Website, Marketing brochures.

During the final handover process, we may ask for alternative versions of the final logo (within reason): ie. with different letterings, reversed black & white or cropped to show graphic visual only without letters (further details will be finalized with the Winner of this contest upon the Handover confirmation process).

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Hình ảnh hồ sơ glassboxwellness, Canada.

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    Please use the private message board for specific comments on your particular submissions. If you have a general comment or found a reason to report one of the submissions here, feel free to post URL proof of existing designs on this public board. Thank you!

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