Clickable Prototype for a Permit Processing plugin for Wordpress

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

I am looking for an experienced and skilled web designer to create a clickable FIGMA prototype for a permit processing plugin for Wordpress. The prototype will be used in a web-based application with a moderate level of complexity and it should be interactive. The new plugin should make the permit processing process smoother, easier, and more efficient. The designer should have plenty of experience in designing applications specifically for Wordpress. Creativity and a focus on detail will be essential to creating a prototype that meets all of the project requirements.

Output: Should be in FIGMA
1. Create a clickable FIGMA prototype for a Permit Processing plugin for a WordPress site. This means i can go through full flows and variations using the prototype.
Think of the plugin as being a workflow processing tool, user has to go through 4 steps to process permits.
2. User Friendly UI, for somebody with the “Processor” Role to easily create the Export which they can use to PRINT out permits.
3. For each meaningful step or function in the UX, please include a description for how it functions. (As detailed as necessary)
For Example: A button like "next" probably doesn’t need a long description, but things that are rule based, impact other functions, or depend on other functions probably need a write up.
4. Must contain designs for all 4 steps of the process, with the various interactions and their experience.

Target Audience:
Back end administrators will be using it to create and export an Excel, which they will use to Populate and Print Physical permits, so the design should be very lightweight and Functional, but still clean and good looking.

Project Brief:

Figma Sketches (In Progress)
* Please ensure you review ALL of the comments as they will need to be addressed and considered in the design

Website Description:
The company offers an online course in Washington state, for students to receive a MAST Permit. A MAST permit stands for “Mandatory Alcohol Server Training” which the State of Washington requires for all Servers/Waiters who serve alcohol. Anybody that works at a job where they have to sell or serve alcohol in Washington State, is required by the state to take this course, pass the test, and receive a physical permit to start their job.

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