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I am looking for a developer to create a CMS ERP web app for personal use. The main functionality required for this app is the ability to handle sales and purchase orders. I prefer to use .NET as the technology or programming language for this project.

Ideal skills and experience for this job include:
- Proficiency in .NET or .NET Core development
- Experience in creating CMS ERP web apps
- Knowledge of sales and purchase order management systems

membership                       --- Basic Plan
storage + Inventory                 --- Basic Plan
scheduling(calendar for workouts...) --- Standard Plan
HR/employee                 --- Standard Plan
financial reports                 --- Premium Plan

membership management requirements:
      Member Registration: Users create accounts with personal details.
      Membership Levels: Different tiers with varying benefits.
      Attendance Tracking: Record attendance for classes/events.
      Reports: Track membership and engagement.

Storage and Inventory management requirements:
      Item Tracking: Keep track of club items and quantities in real-time.
      Stock Alerts: Get notified when items are running low or out of stock.
      Supplier Details: Store supplier information for each item.
      Purchase Orders: Generate orders for restocking items.
      Receipt and Storage: Record new items received and their storage locations.
      Location Management: Organize storage areas for efficient retrieval.
      Reports: Provide insights into inventory levels and usage.
      Integration: Connect with financial module.
      Import/Export: Allow data import/export for easy management.

HR Management:
      Employee Profiles: Maintain detailed profiles with contact info, roles, and responsibilities.
      Attendance Tracking: Monitor employee attendance and leave requests.
      Payroll Management: Calculate and process employee salaries and benefits.
      Performance Reviews: Conduct performance assessments and set goals.

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    The prize money does not comply with your requirements. Sorry to say that.

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    #increaseprize you have to increase much more for an ERP.

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    Good afternoon, what do you want???

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    Hello there! tap on my entry you have seen a chat option i will give you revisions and variations on there thanks!

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