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KIHEI Services

Atenttion, after aproved the winer must send bussines card, letterhead and visual of the logo mark stamped on the shirt

Slogan: We talk we understand, Understanding by conversation, MORE THAN A COMPANY, A VALUE ADDING PARTNER
(Please, do not include those phase in the logo)

Company offering operational services, labor outsourcing, with personnel management as:
Valet parking;

Target audience: Companies, organizations and people who need diverse services and do not want to deal with administration and logistics.

Market positioning: Trustworthy company in the supply and administration of qualified personnel.

Mainly competitors:
Ifood (Brasilian company)
Nova Rio

In 3 years we will be known to offer adapted solutions to the moment and singularity of each work or activity with a differentiated posture through New Conversation, where the worker will relate in an intelligent way optimizing their flows, reachings
Color Preference:
Blue and Orange or black and white or red and white, to the the logo mark stamped on the shirt

Avoid colors:
Yellow, pastel tones and sparkling

We offer:
Customer Care
Specialization in psychology through a method called New Conversation, optimizing the work
Qualified staff for the job

3 Nice logos:
MTV music
Oi telephony - brasilian company

We will use the logo mainly in work uniform, can be embroidered or silk. Required options for logo black shirt and white or red shirt.
Second most used site, will be in documents and web.

The name kihei in Portuguese has the sound of, what king, it would be interesting a crown in the logo or a sun, that in astrology the star king is symbolized by the sun, which continues is the inner spirit of each being. The personality in its essence. Light is the symbol of knowledge, its quest for fulfillment, its creative capacity, its true individuality. The Sun associates with the day and, as such, associates with its conscious search, the goals of full personal fulfillment.

Mission (why) - financial goals, human and social organization
Provide operational support service enhancing the potential of the individual.
Improve the quality of the provided service, the quality of life and well being of its employees, enhancing satisfaction, safety and trust in the relationship with customers, colleages and employees.

Vision - is a cumulative convictions that guide its trajectory
Bring our concepts of work to reach the greatest number of people, being seen as a company of quality and trust. To reach a position of reference in the training of personnel in the provision of services using communicational techniques with the New Conversation.

Respect: understand the boundaries between those involved in the business.
Commitment: responsibility for the tasks proposed by the work.
Dialogue: Expansion of the power of action.
Intelligence: Thinking about the initial thinking.
Fidelity: The relationship with the client must be cared for and preserved.

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“very good and quickly”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ Marisabaldino10, Brazil.

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