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Here is my post- sry for the delay, but since I was late anyways I decided to wait for the end of it. Now, If you decide to pick me I will send you higher def img ofc + the icons you want( we can discuss those and exactly what do you want) As for a name on the drawing, I didnt put any since I dont know how your game will be called, only what it's based on. I hope you like it and i am looking foreward to your response.

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  • PineappleStreet
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    This work is outstanding. I'd like to talk with you about expanding this art into a full game, but I don't see any ability to upload a spec doc here. Please send me a message so we can discuss additional work.

    Thank you for participating in this contest. Awesome stuff.

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    1. GollorR
      • cách đây 4 năm

      Greetings! I am glad to hear that. Please tell me what icons would you preffer for the game so that I can finish them and send you all the files. We may discuss further work then (tbh I dont know how to send you a msg inside Freelancer without hiring you...this site needs to be more user friendly) Feel free to answer me back here- I will check in frequently. Thank you

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