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I am soliciting entries on behalf of my client for modified and appealing content for their flash website ( In the process, you may have to browse the site on the internet, go page by page, analyse line by line and image by image, and provide the revised contents with a view to project (a) the legacy - i.e., history of the Company, highligting each milestone ; (b) major projects completed - over almost 4 decades ; (c) major projects ongoing ; (d) major clients and business associates. Each page of the new website may have to be properly organized/aligned with appropriate royalty-free images, live photographs, appropriate punchlines for special pages (can be provided). As a mere guidance for the legacy/history page, for instance, I am attaching a matter which can be gone through, edited and re-presented. Your job is only to provide the most appealing, relevant, genuine and royalty-free content, without resorting to standardized jargons and exaggerations, along with the copyrights and source codes etc. Actual re-designing of the existing website will then be undertaken by our in-house web designer (who is not a good content writer). In short, we are looking at an expert CONTENT WRITER and not a Web Designer for this project. No editor/designer/admin access to the existing website ( will be provided and all the content re-writing jobs expected of you will be on the basis of what-you-browse-and-see "as--is-where-is".

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“Though Mr. Md. Ataur Rahman is keen on bagging projects, he does not read or understand the project specifications on the basis of which he is supposed to work. In his eagerness to earn money, he delivers something without really knowing what his employer/client wants. I am just closing out this project and recommending the award of the prize money to him, because I am fed up with repeated interactions with him (of which he does not make out head or tail). He has to go a long way to be an effective freelancer. First and foremost, he has to have a reasonable grip of English to know and appreciate what his employer/clients are looking forward to accomplish. Making Ataur Rahman understand something in English will be, as per me, real pain on the neck of prospective clients/employers. I wish him good luck with the money he is going to take, knowing fully well that the work he has delivered is of no use to me or my principal.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ mohanammal, India.

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  • zeam923
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    entry #4 We are pleased to submit a proposal for the content writing and revamping of your flash website, Our team consists of professional and experienced content writers who have a passion for creating engaging and informative content. We understand the importance of well-written and properly organized content in building a strong online presence and effectively communicating your brand message..........We have thoroughly analyzed your requirements and have a clear understanding of the goal for your website: to showcase the legacy, history, and achievements of your company, as well as highlight your major projects and clients. Our approach to this project will be to thoroughly research and analyze your existing website, and then create revised content that is engaging, relevant, and free of standardized jargons and exaggerations

    • cách đây 1 tháng

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