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About us:
CleaningNZ is a platform/job board that bring employers, agencies and staff of all the cleaning Industries in Auckland together (FYI Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand). Employers can post jobs for FREE and candidates can apply for those jobs.

About the competition:
In this competition we are looking for a great content writer who can do the best with the information provided. Please read the expectations carefully in order to prevent rejection.

How it works:
1. We are looking for 2 paragraphs of content to be written. Paragraph 1 will be titled “How are we different” and paragraph 2 will be titled “How we can help you”.

2. Each paragraph should be 150-200 words in length. Below I have provided phrases that you can use to mix around and re-order to build your content. What I DO NOT want is your every sentence starting with “We”. The provided phrases are “raw” and needs to be written in story format where one sentence flows into the other.

3. Keywords are indicated in brackets, and this is what I will look out for in both paragraphs, so all keywords need to be used.

4. If you want more information, feel free to have a look at our

5. Both paragraphs need to be entered as 1 entry on 1 single page.

How are we different?
How we can help you. (Referring to how CleaningNZ can help employers and agencies).

1. We provide a (unique service) regarding staffing & employment arrangements.
2. We are the only employment platform that (focuses with dedication) on the cleaning industries only.
3. We provide localization through a google Maps integrated system for making our services (easy and sufficient).
4. We (bridge the gap) between you and your employment authority.
5. (We are a partner), not an employer, neither a recruitment agency.
6. (We are the only platform that uses a straightforward, sufficient & practical Google map integrated system) to see exactly how close/far job listings are from home.
7. We are providing (faster and effective service) among the Business owners and cleaners.
8. We are bringing together the professionals of (Auckland’s cleaning industries with employers and agencies) that call for their experience and talents.
9. We are a niche job site for vacancies in (all the Cleaning Industries of Auckland).
10. We provide an (accessible service) to everyone in the cleaning industry - from staff looking for their next role to business owners looking for their next superstar.
11. Our site aims to connect quality staff with quality employers, and we are (committed to helping the cleaning industry grow) in Auckland.

Good luck and may the best content writer win!

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