contest for designing a logo for my company Bernia Retreat in Spain, (we help stressed and burned-out people to recover), the winner will be asked to participate in designing house style/website etc

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

I’m looking for a logo and later on the house style for my new company ‘Bernia Retreat’.

I have a property half way on the mountain ‘Bernia’ in Spain.
It is in the middle of nowhere. Completely self-supporting, it is off the grid.
We are collecting rain for water supply, we have a solar system with batteries for electricity, grey and black water system for waist, we re-use the grey water. We don’t use any pesticides. So you can call it an ‘eco home’.

It has fantastic views all the way to the Mediterranean sea. You are surrounded by nature. There are 150 almond trees and 50 olive trees, we grow our own olive oil. More than 150 meters of lavender is planted, the flowers are harvested and put in little bags to put in the wardrobe and beside your pillow at night for better sleep.

In this surrounding we built a retreat for overstressed and burn-out people.
We have one main building and 5 guesthouses. We offer the guests the quietness, tranquillity, views, absence of overkill on stimulus, time for reflection and the goodness of mother nature. We can give them consultation based on a model called ‘strategic coaching matrix’. We go for daily walks in this beautiful surrounding. The Bernia is known for the best walks with the most beautiful views of Spain. We offer them lessons in Mindfulness, Tai Chi and Yoga.
It is also suitable for groups to follow intense course of yoga, or for management groups to work on their strategy, policy, or team spirit.

It is possible to have full board, or the lunches and diners prepared. The food is honest, rich, prepared with local ingredients and very tasteful, prepared by an excellent cook.

It is possible to participate on a cooking workshop, or a wood turning workshop. There are plans to organise a Spanish course.

I’m a medical doctor, specialised in stress related illnesses, I’m a certified Occupational Physician. I work with professionals only, in evident based methods.

Key-words are:

Fantastic views
Pure nature
Step by step
Respect for all that lives
Natural materials
candle light

I love the colors: turquoise, cream, white, sandy yellow,
I love the materials: wood, natural stone, jute, linen, cotton, hemp rope, ceramics
These plants are important: Almond, Olive, Lavender, Lemon, John Loaf Tree

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“very willing to help!”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ astridvanhoute, Netherlands.

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