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Create an application to easily organize all products and services which I want to buy in the future

I have a list of things and service to buy for myself and my family.
I want to buy these in the future like within next X number of days/weeks/months/year.

For example, some products/services I want to buy immediately, some I want to buy in the next 3 to 8 months.
For example:
I want to buy milk, fruits in the evening today.
I want to buy vegetables on Sunday morning every week.
I want to buy a smartphone next month.
I want to buy a house/car in next one year.
I want to join a dance class in the next 2 months.
I want to shop for a sports equipment within a week.
I want to go for a haircut next Sunday evening.

Solution by the mobile(Android/iOS) application:
-Manage all category of things/services I want to buy. That is my day to day needs like grocery and etc. And long-term purchases, like buying a Television, Car, a furniture, house and etc.
-I can quickly easily able to add/manage an item.
-Quickly look into things/services I want to buy now and future.
-Get reminders on things/services I want to purchase.
-Get more details on the item(thing/service) from a search engine(search engine results are integrated). Show the details from sites like Wikipedia.
-Show the nearest, high rated merchants for the things/service I want to buy. Bookmark a merchant for a thing/service/category I want to buy.
-Get notifications when there is offers or deals by a merchant on the thing/service I want to buy.
-Get information on the lowest cost high rated "recommended" merchant for the thing/service I want to buy.

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  • bimaptra30
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  • bimaptra30
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  • Gauravchawla87
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    Hello, is your work over?Nobody is interested but we can easily do it.,,Just lets us know as soon as possible through chat or reply here

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  • Shubhambsws
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    Basically you need a To-Do List App with Google Integration. #guaranteed #increaseprize #sealed

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    1. HealthPray
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      No, todo list app tailored for this requirement

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