Create a clear and compelling elevator pitch and service descriptions .

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

We are a business analytics and consulting company looking for a talented marketing and communications professional to help us revamp how we articulate and present our business and services.

We are a specialised business that focuses on data analytics, spreadsheet and database development to create business tools and applications to automate, streamline and improve business processes and performance. Our tools and services ultimately save our clients time and money whilst lifting their bottom line. For a full description of our company and our services, please visit [login to view URL]

We would like you to articulate and describe our business and services in language that is understandable, clear, attractive and compelling. It must be from a client perspective so that our potential clients understand what we do, how we can help them and the potential benefits we can deliver. We need help and cutting through the technical and business jargon to communicate what we offer and the benefits to our clients.

Our task involves three simple steps:
1. Thoroughly read through our website and tell us in a paragraph in plain, simple language what it is you think we do.
2. Create a clear and compelling elevator pitch (business description) based on our website information.
3. Create some clear and compelling service descriptions based on the categories in the services section of our website ([login to view URL]) that would resonate and be understandable to a client from any industry (i.e. any businesses type or size from big corporates to small manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers or food chains etc.).

It is extremely important that the elevator pitch and service descriptions must be:
• in plain and simple English so clients understand;
• clear and compelling to interest clients;
• free of technical and business jargon;
• specifically related to the business and services outlined in our website;
• from a perspective and focus of the end customer.

The elevator pitch and service descriptions must NOT be:
• from a vendor perspective that only focuses on technology;
• contain jargon or ambiguous promises;
• complicated or difficult to understand;
• long and boring;
• generalised and vague.

We will only consider customised submissions as described in our brief. Please make sure that your work is completely original and in your own words. We will not accept any plagiarised material.

We are a professional, small company looking forward to collaborating with you. We guarantee payment to the winning contestant. We also guarantee open, honest, consistent and positive communication and feedback to all participants. There is a definite possibility of future work with the right contestant.

Thank you for reading our contest description and we very much look forward to reading your entry. Please contact us with any questions or further information.

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