Create a design for a cardboard shipping tube

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Hello Freelancers,
*** EDITED PORTION*** This design should fit onto the "template - custom shipping tube" file below. The actual design is a rectangle shape, but will be printed onto a cylindrical cardboard tube.*** The product that will be going into this tube will be related to organization, writing and learning.
The entire tube will have printed design covering it. I have attached an example tube that is plain with no design. You do NOT need to use this color... it is just so you can see where this design will be used.
The company name is "Good Habit" and the logo is attached. The logo should be emphasized on the design.
I have also attached the template of the tube. Your design will need to fit on the included template. The red line is the line where it will be cut, but the design should go out to the blue line for printing. The dotted black line across the template is where the tube will be cut for the cap.
The Good Habit company is emphasizing good lifestyles of health, organization, healthy eating, exercise, cleanliness, etc. You are welcome to enter some of these themes into the design if you would like.
We are open to a variety of looks and feels with this project. As the project goes on for a few days we will attempt to provide feedback on what we like and dislike.
I look forward to seeing your great ideas and designs!
Thank you!

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“Terrific Freelancer. He had great design ideas, great creativity, and worked hard and quick to make our desired changes. Will certainly consider using Vyacheslav again!”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ purwatr, United States.

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