Create a Design (Website header) & Logo for a new company

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We are looking for a design for a new company that is offering holiday trips in the Mediterranean area. At the moment we need (A) a logo and (B) a more detailed design that can be used as a header on a homepage. The detailed design (B) should be landscape format, something between 1:2 to 1:3. The logo (A) should be a very simply drawn version of the detailed design in a circle / square or similar format.

The detailed design (B) should be a modern (!!!) version of one of those Italian wall paintings looking over a terrace / balcony through arches onto the sea (google: “italian painting terrace arches sea”). The scenery should consist of the following elements:

(1 - In the front:) A stone tile terrace with a huge wooden table, minimum 10 chairs, plates & wine glasses; arches at the end of the terrace, through which the garden can be seen
(2 - in the middle:) The garden, on one side on a lawn a girl in a yoga / meditation pose, on the other side a pool, some bushes / flowers / nature; the garden is bounded by a stone balcony overlooking a bay / the sea
(3 – the background:) The sea, some mountains, a rising sun, (optional: an island, a sailing boat / a fisher boat)

The design should use colors to create a warm, welcoming impression. It shouldn’t be a completely detailed / realistic picture, but rather a drawing.

The logo (A) should be a very simply drawn version of the detailed design. The elements still available on the logo must be the arches in the front, the lawn in the middle and the mountains, sea and sun in the back (as an idea, if possible: sunrays shining / reaching from the back through the arch). In the logo, there must be two arches or rather 2 pillars, since the company’s initials will be T.T., so the arches shall form the two Ts. The logo can / should use colors as well.

Since we are setting up a new company, we are looking for a partnership for further design jobs as well – this is optional and depends on the awarded design & logo.

Attached a very rough (and untalented) sketch of what we have in mind - we are looing forward on some professional's interpretation & implementation!

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  • zahid4u143
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    Please Check my Entries #27 #28 #29 #30 #31 #32 . I am available, please feel free to contact me if you want to change/alteration in any color, design or shape.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards

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  • Shashistars
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    Please check #11

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  • DeekshithNetz04
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    I am in

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