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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

I am starting a men's coaching and mindset blog on how to live your best life!

And so I need a logo to accompany the blog, books, apparel, stickers etc.

This project is quite personal for me and is a lifestyle that I implement in my daily life and take quite seriously.

This logo should be regal and have a no-nonsense look to it.

I have very specific design specs and words that need to go into the logo.

I am looking not only for a graphic designer who is capable of making logos from tech. I'm looking for a creator! I'm looking for a real artist who can take my specs and concepts and make it a reality!

These are grand ideas, but they are doable with the right designer.


The name is: The Gods of Lila

Everything will start from a blog, and I want men to have the option to feel as if they are joining an "order" or "brotherhood."

I have in mind for the logo looking something like an ancient, weathered medallion.

I'm also thinking about it looking something like a European crest.

A laurel Wreath and a halo should be used to create the letter "G" for God.

These words need to be implemented into the design: Passion, Purpose, Power

This phrase should be incorporated into the design: The Divine Game

Use these quotes to guide my logo design (but don't put the quotes into the design):
1. "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience."
2. "It's not how well you play the game; it's deciding what game you want to play"

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“Azeem A. was a consumate professional. In today's digital landscape, it is not enough to just be proficient in design. You must also know how to communicate online with people from different cultures and backgrounds from your own, and appeasing them without ever meeting them! It's a big task, and Azeem navigated the landscape like a pro. From start to finish, Azeem came up with original ideas that I used to mesh with my concepts and plans. His subtle mastery of the smaller details of shading and "smoothness" were surprisingly hard to find from previous graphic designers I worked with in the past. Together, me and Azeem were able to create a final product that I believe no one else could've produced. Thanks so much Azeem. I look forward to hiring you again!”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ sheppar2, Vietnam.

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  • tarekrfahmy
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    Dear sir, can you please upload any photos that can reflect what is in your mind, i mean to translate your ideas words into pictures so you can give a little help , thank you

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  • ikhyjoey
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    #sealed #sealed

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  • ikhyjoey
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    Hi sir, I hope the design that we present you change to #sealed

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  • ikhyjoey
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    hi sir, please review #50 thankyou :)

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  • petertimeadesign
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  • dlanorselarom
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    #guaranteed #sealed

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