Create a Professional Wordpress Template for a Website: Recent Graduate (Blogging & Networking)

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

Hi, My name is Amanda and I am a recent college graduate that wants to start making connections in my community. I want to use the website as a networking and blogging platform. I will be talking about sustainable technology, food security, and profiles on businesses and projects that I admire and want to bring to people's attention. In the future it would be nice to use an appropriate plugin or built in feature to have interested locals register for workshops I would host. The purpose of this website is to demonstrate to others that I can research, write, and facilitate workshops. It will hopefully lead to opportunities to do so as a full time job with a non profit or private community I can admire! Alternatively, the website will be a great jumping off point for a future business I would create, or a crowdfunding campaign I would implement in order to tackle community projects for public good.

Whats in it for you?
If you are a design student, an artist, or a jack of all trades and you need a reference - I will gladly write a formal letter discussing the completed project and why your work is wonderful! I know I can't afford to offer a huge prize to the potential design winner but I hope professional support in this format will help you gain some real legitimacy and reputation. I look forward to supporting you in this way - and hope you benefit from the feedback you can use freely when appealing to larger projects.

An example of a website I like the layout and functionality of is ex.
I like the combination of social media buttons, archive, and favourite/recent comments and posts. The colour scheme doesn't have to be as muted. I do prefer bold colours like cyan, teal, and 'Tardis' blue in combination with neutrals. More detail below about the motifs I would like to use, and the potential website name.

I would like to use an owl (with a stylized design such as a silhouette perhaps?) and potentially feathers as a part of the website's main logo. The website name is something I'm playing with. I still have to purchase a domain name. But the idea behind the overall look of the website should be the idea: "Someone can be a bird of many different feathers". Which is a different take on someone who wears many hats, or a horse of a different colour (wizard of oz).

*****The Website name 'Many Feathers' is what I came up with (for the moment) as a potential website name. It speaks to the old expression of 'wearing many hats' or a 'horse of a different colour' in the sense that I want to present my personal brand as a versatile and skilled professional who is constantly learning and teaching in many different guises. If you're wondering about the 'owl' that's simple: I really like owls and would like to use it as a part of the website image. Birdcages with filigree are awesome too.

Some of the colours I strongly identify with are cyan & teal. I tend to prefer bold colours but a simple scheme. I want the overall look to be 'me' but stay professional and clean.

I can sacrifice preferred colours for a cohesive palette that works with the overall design.

* Blog
* Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Email form
* Future Workshop Registration with payment functionality (on/off ability so it can be implemented in future)
* Header space allotted for pages 'About Me', 'Recent Posts', 'Workshops', 'Local Events' and 'Guest Bloggers'

Feel free to check out my twitter @noctame to get a feel for the content I like to retweet and post about.

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